Our Build Process

Your building project might be quick and simple or complex. It might be a home renovation or a complete new build.  Whatever the case, we follow a standardised process from start to finish so you know exactly what to expect from RM Build.

Step 1: Contact us for an estimate or quote – If you have your plans already completed, we’ll be able to price directly off them. Otherwise we can recommend you to a design team that can help you with this initial step. The more information you can give us the better as we’ll be to give you more accurate pricing and timelines.

Step 2: We meet with you face to face and work with you to finalise your requirements – It’s important to us that we build a good relationship with you right from the start. Here we make sure we have everything covered and can suggest design improvements if we think you will benefit from them. This will be the first of many regular meetings with you.

Step 3: Formalise the agreement – This is when we finalise the contract documents with you. We’ll take the time to go through any questions you have. You’ll also receive information on the Certified Builders Home Guarantee.

Step 4: Getting Ready for the Build – We work with the council, architects and engineers to make sure everything is ready to start the build. ​ Your plans form the basis of your building consent if you need one. Generally, consents are submitted by a draftsperson or an architect. For more information on the building consent process visit https://www.tauranga.govt.nz/living/building-and-renovations

Step 5: We build your new home or renovation – This is what we do best!  Normally starting from the ground up, we’ll get our expert tradespeople on site and organise and manage all materials and sub-contractors, ensuring their work is completed to a high standard. We’ll also organise regular council inspections along the way and keep you updated on progress.

Step 6: Completion! – We complete the build and ensure all required paperwork including sub trade certificates and the Council Code of Compliance certificate is in place. It’s now time for you to move in and start enjoying your newly built home.