Should I Build a New Home or Renovate My Existing Home?

Perhaps it’s time for a change and you’re thinking about a new build or home renovations. Tossing up whether it’s best to build a new home or to renovate comes down to a few key points. Consulting with your builder at your local building company can help you make the right decision. 

If you’re in Tauranga, Papamoa or Mt Maunganui, RM Build is your local go-to building company for renovations, new builds and developing outdoor spaces. 

What’s the cost? 

Usually, this is the first question and consideration! There’s no doubt that a new build is more costly than renovations, but both can be worked to stay within your budget. Your local building company can provide a quote for both so you can get a good idea of costs. 

There’s a lot more certainty around new builds and the scope, timeframe and costs. With renovations there can be more unknowns such as what lies underneath the exterior and structural complications may crop up throughout the process, though there’s always a solution. 

Pros and cons

A good old-fashioned pros and cons list can help guide you to make the right decision for your new build or home renovation. If you really love your current home, it could be a great option to opt-in for home renovations rather than a new build. 

You can extend and refresh the look or layout of the home with renovations. You’d be really surprised at the transformation of homes from renovations, it can really make your home look and feel new. With new builds – the world really is your oyster! Your dream home vision can be bought to life.  

Character and nostalgia 

Homes are where we live out our lives and create our most precious memories. Perhaps it’s time for a fresh start, a new home. Or perhaps your current home is filled with so many memories, such as your children growing up, that it’s difficult to want to move. 

The reason many choose to renovate instead of build, after considering cost, is due to the character of the house itself. Tauranga, Papamoa and Mt Maunganui boasts countless beautiful homes. Sometimes a “facelift” is enough, but for the most to really enhance spaces, home renovations require changes to the layout of the home. 

Location, location, location 

If you’re living in Tauranga, Papamoa or Mt Maunganui you’re likely here for the wonderful lifestyle. Location really is everything, and if you have a view or property close to the beach, a renovation can be a great option so you don’t lose the current benefits you have. Older places may however not have been designed with optimal positioning to harness sunshine and gather warmth. Sometimes darker rooms can be improved with renovations. There are plenty of options and solutions. 

So, a new build or home renovation? 

It’s really important to get good advice before you choose either way to renovate or build new. RM builds can provide you with a site visit to give you the information you need to make the right decision for you. 

Talk to your local Papamoa builders at RM build today and we can help guide you and answer any questions you might have with no obligations. 

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